Triple Stitch offers more than merchandise

-including on-demand services, affiliate marketing and online company stores

In House Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery

Dream up anything and get it done quickly - from unique apparel with in-house embroidery to custom specialty products.

Uniform Programs

Standardize the look in which your employees represent your company or organization.

  • Cost control for your uniform needs.
  • Credits programs for Uniform Allowances for individual employees. 

Let us manage your uniform program. Watch the video to understand the benefits that we offer.


Fundraiser Programs 

As an additional service, Triple Stitch offers fundraiser programs for companies. The various components of this fundraiser program include: 

  • Offering products to help send a message or recognize your organization within the community.
  • Rebates quarterly from purchases made through your site 

Loyalty & Recognition Programs 

As an additional service, Triple Stitch offers loyalty & recognition programs for companies. These loyalty programs give your organization a way to offer credits to make purchases for:

  • Employee anniversaries or service awards.
  • Credits for a job well done.
  • Loyalty programs for your customers.

Custom Websites

 As an additional service, Triple Stitch offers custom sites for companies to allow for various programs:

  • Offer incentive programs for their employees.
  • Reward programs - for rewarding employees for years of service, a good job done, or what ever type of program you need.
  • Loyalty programs for incentive to customers to drive business.
  • Coop programs that allow your company to reduce costs of marketing you brand.

Company Store Premium Solutions

A new companion for your brand

Company stores are ideal for businesses who want to provide branded merchandise to their employees, large businesses with multiple branches under the same brand, or businesses who already have branded products in stock and need to move their inventory. Think of it as an e-commerce store for all your promotional needs!

With a company store, you can provide branded merchandise for employee onboarding, as well as add in products that can be used for rewards programs. For example, if your employees need new uniforms, they can log in to the private company store and order as many as they like. Your company store may also be accessible to the public. 

Company stores are customizable and a convenient online experience that will set you apart from competitors. Plus, you can also reduce costs by setting up a specific budget or payment plan on your company store. Whether you order in bulk or ship to multiple locations, a company store provides a seamless order process that can’t be beat. 

Ordering promotional products just got easier!

Devices with a Company Store displayed


Lower Costs

Because your branding guidelines are already implemented in the online store, your products will show consistent branding every time. Online stores cut out human mistakes, saving you money in the long run.


Streamline Order Management

Providing a company store with pre-approved products also avoids lengthy approval processes within your organization. From uniforms to incentive gifts, your employees can order products themselves directly online! 


Easy Access

Store visitors may request information, get a quote, place an order, and view detailed product information or order history. Company stores are also available to employees 24/7 and each branch of your business will be able to have their products shipped directly to their location.


Company Store Premium Examples

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