About Us: 

Triple Stitch specializes in custom branded promotional gear - including hats, athletic wear, gifts, water bottles, event swag & more.


Business Programs We Offer: 

  • Fundraiser Programs
    • Offer products to help send a message or recognize your organization within the community.
    • Rebates quarterly from purchases made through your site
  • Loyalty and Recognition Programs
    • Gives you a way to offer credits to make purchases for:
      • Employee anniversaries or service awards.
      • Credits for a job well done.
      • Loyalty Programs for your customers.
  • Public Store Front
    • Sell your product along side promotional products
    • Offer a huge selection of goods to promote your business or organization.
  • Uniform Programs:
    • Standardize the look in which your employees represent your company or organization.
    • Cost control for your uniform needs.
    • Credits programs for Uniform Allowances for individual employees.


Meet Our Team: